Episode 58

How to Be A LinkedIn Thought Leader

LinkedIn is my favourite social network and it's a valuable platform to connect, learn and share.

More than ever, we have a responsibility to show up and share our knowledge as seeking out news and information is one of the top reasons people use social media.

Developing your social media footprint is also important if you are intent on managing your online reputation. So in this article, I'm sharing three ways to be a thought leader on LinkedIn.

2.5 million adults in Ireland are active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest people database in the world and we are there with an intention to connect with others, so be sure to be purposeful with your own strategy.

Coming up in episode 58:

  • I explore the opportunities to lead from the front in your organisation, in your sector and among your peer group on LinkedIn 
  • Why LinkedIn is the perfect platform for public sector leaders
  • Top tactics to be an authority on LinkedIn
  • I speak to Margot Ling, Founder of TCP Growth, an executive coach and communications consultant and former Twitter executive based in Hong Kong


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