Episode 54

Making a Case for Remote Working in Government and Public Sector

The new world of work is something that everyone is discussing on work calls. But what are the advantages and disadvantages for communications and marketing professionals in public sector?

In a recent Gartner poll, 82% of company leaders said they plan to allow employees to work from home part of the time. But concerns over maintaining company culture put the priority at three days a week in the office each week while employees want three days at home.

Employers have to balance what will work best not just from their perspective. The pandemic introduced a sense of personalization for employees who want a say in what a hybrid work model looks like for them.

Remote work has been the go-to phrase of 2020 and most of 2021, but now that plenty of companies were forced into a fully remote model, there’s room for creativity in defining what their return to “normal” is. For some, fully remote presented more challenges than benefits.

Coming in today’s show

  • > Can communications and marketing pros go remote full-time?
  • > Types of Hybrid Working Models
  • > I speak to Joanne Mangan, Employer Lead of Grow Remote and a remote working advocate. We discuss the remote working landscape in Ireland but also international trends that we can learn from.  


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